Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kirani James

Track - Grenada

Thank you Kris S. for nominating Kirani!

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Kellie Wells

Hurdles - United States

Congratulations Kellie on your Bronze medal win! Kellie is from Midlothian Virginia and her high school is down the road from my home! Represent!

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Hot Olympian Extra: Hot Hurdlers

Last night while watching the Women's 100m Hurdles final I noticed that every single lady in the race was gorgeous! Who knew hurdlers were so good looking?

Sally Pearson - Australia

Dawn Harper - United States

Kellie Wells - United States

Nevin Yanit - Turkey

Phylicia George - Canada

Jessica Zelinka - Canada

Beate Schrott - Austria

Lolo Jones - United States

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tom Daley

Diving - Great Britain

Thanks to my awesome sister Sarah V. for helping me post this week!

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Federica Pellegrini

Swimming - Italy

Thanks to Katy S. for nominating Federica!
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Hot Olympian Extra

Because good sportsmanship is hot:

After coming in first in yesterday's 400 meter semifinal, Grenada's Kirani James asked South African runner Oscar Pistorius to exchange name bibs as a show of respect and admiration.  James did this before celebrating his own victory.  That is what the Olympics is all about!  This one goes down as one of my all time favorite Olympic Moments.

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